About Us

Our Story

We are a bunch of passionate sports’ lovers, gully cricket enthusiasts, who always wanted to be like our beloved stars. But then you know, “Life Happened” and the dream of our cricketing careers were put on the backburner when parents’ dream of becoming Engineers took over. But sports, as it flows in our blood streams, especially Cricket, we still try to get a glimpse amidst coding, travel, finding chew toys for newly born. We are the ones who are expert commentators of the game and always cussing when a batsman gets out playing a rash shot, when a bowler ends up bowling a full toss instead of Yorker, when a fielder misfields, when a team selection is not up to par. That gave the birth to an idea of connecting with like-minded folks around the world, who are expert selectors, to let them form their own teams, test the skills of selecting players and battle it outin the real world, rather than just playing book cricket with kids. We understand it is now difficult to follow the fitness regime with our beer bellies, so we bring the game to you. Be the owner, select your best XI, apply your skills, and earn while enjoying the game.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

Introduction: Hello from MyTeam11.com, where fantasy helps win in real life! You have the skill and feel like you are the experts of the game, then buckle up, pick your best XI, apply all the knowledge and analysis you can, and start playing with a limited virtual budget. Many a times you feel like, you could have done a much better job at selecting the team which will never lose. Here is your chance, your chosen team is awarded points based on the real-life performance of your selected players. Hence, we emphasize again, it is a great test of your knowledge and skill, and how good you are at analyzing and picking best players. So it is time to get to know those young Turks, follow their cricketing stamina, and choose wisely.